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This Saturday, before you go to bed make sure you set your clock an hour ahead! If you live outside of Canada, Checkout the DST Chart here and see when it will be your turn!

991e25cd177cdcc25da76a7a08d5ccf9This is of my favorite time of year when after a long cold winter, knowing much warmer temperatures are in view and time to get ready to go to the beach, resort or campgrounds and start that all over tan! — just don’t go swimming just yet! Most lakes, rivers and beaches are not warm enough for taking the plunge! Unless the pool or sauna is heated, all the better!


A Donation for Kids with Cancer | Scott RedCloud

Hair Cancer

20151119_210242[1]So many kids who suffer from cancer have to go through chemotherapy and it brings their spirits down when they loose their hair or having to go bald. I can’t imagine how or what they think, when they think or say they wish they had hair once again.

So I decided to cut my long hair and donate it to the Canadian Children’s Cancer Society for a good cause. Today, I cut off 8 inches of hair and followed the list of steps to take in doing so. Tomorrow I’ll be printing off e-label on a laser printer at a government office to send it for free of shipping in Mississauga Ontario. I guess I can say Merry Christmas from Scott RedCloud to you my child and hope it makes you smile and bring your spirits up and all the best in beating your cancer.

I could not find a better reason to do this because I’m a very caring person and often think of others before myself. I do not need a thank you, all I want is a smile and knowing that I made your day is thanks enough for me.

~Scott RedCloud

St-Lawrence River Protest | The Naturist Page

They came to brave the cold and windy day for a great cause, Sunday Oct 11th 2015. The City of Montreal planning to dump 8 million liters of raw sewage in to the St-Lawrence River. Social media blew up in an outrage from across Canada and even caught the attention south of the border in NY pointing fingers at Denis Coderre for not finding a better solution to rid of the waste water in a better way, rather than endangering not only plant and fish life, but for our own safety. Thousands of people use the river everyday to fish, swim, paddle board, kayak, canoe and other means of the river every day.

As a Naturist, I am just as outraged by this and supported the protest, so I decided to join them by cheering them on and recording their journey from 32nd ave to the Lachine lock on my bike using my cellphone to record the friendly protest. After all, this is the same river Naturists swim in. Oka’s Naturist Beach and Bare River Beach are along this river.

At one point, Jonathan Busby (Co-Organizer) found what was the most iconic thing during the protest that really could make people think twice on what they are flushing down the toilet and what Denis Coderre needs to think about before his choice of dumping the sewage in to the river — a dead sunfish. As he was strapping it to his peddle board, it became very iconic for the reason they are protesting and made it even more the reason to do the event.

I wish I had known about the event weeks before so I could make it more public so I could have spread the word with them to have more supporters. One paddle boarder told me the Facebook event had around 100 or more people to attend the event — however, because of the cold and windy day, only around 50 showed up and they braved the elements to make a statement I will never forget.

Below is my video coverage of the friendly protest.

Montreal’s Successful Daytime 2015 WNBR | Scott RedCloud

WNBR - FB Event PhotoBNBR 2008 Logo v2 - Graphic OnlyMontreal’s daytime World Naked Bike Ride bared as they dared on July 5th to promote for a cleaner future, bicycle safely, and body acceptance was once more, a successful ride with around 60-70 riders. around 6 of them during the ride seen us coming and dropped their bike to disrobe on the spot to join the ride!

Though, not as many showed up this year as last years 200+ — we’re still happy with the outcome. Montreal’s WNBR is far from being anything like Portland, Oregon’s 10,000 riders. And to be honest, I can only imagine how police would even be able to escort that many in such tight downtown streets of Montreal.

I was also happy to see more Naturists join the ride and some were from the FQN (Federation of Quebec Naturists.) Since the WNBR isn’t a Naturist event, The Naturists like me that did come, showed their support for a cleaner and better world for future generations.

Please do not forget our next ride will be on August 1st, We’ll meet up for 9pm and then we’ll ride at 10pm at Dorchester Square doing the same route as we did during the daytime. We’d like to thank everyone that came in the daytime and hope to see you all again and more for the nighttime ride!

VIDEO: Montreal cyclists bare all for World Naked Bike Ride | The Montreal Gazette


IMG_3059 IMG_3061 IMG_3065 IMG_3066 IMG_3073

Montreal’s WNBR is coming back again this year! | Scott RedCloud

WNBR - FB Event Photo

With the approach of our second time hosting the World Naked Bike Ride approaching, we’re keeping an eye on the weather. A few days ago it was announcing 80% chance of rain however, recent checks of the weather shows that it’s only a 40% chance of light showers. We believe we’ll just go ahead and do the ride since it will be 30°c with the humidity and a little rain isn’t going to bother us when its 30°c outside.

May we remind you that Daniel and I are going to be the pace leaders in front and you’re all to remain behind us (Do not pass us) and follow the traffic rules and police escort. Last year, we had a little issue. Police wants us to try to stick together and NOT fall behind like last years ride (mainly the night ride when people were distracted with the un-cycles doing tricks. This is fine to do when we’re stopped in traffic but PAY ATTENTION when we start moving again. There is a reason why police want us to stick together. Drivers are waiting for us to pass so the flow of car traffic may move along sooner rather than longer when people fall behind. I’m assuming they will have cars behind us, in front of us and on the sides of us to control the traffic flow. Remember that our route is in the middle of heavy downtown traffic so please pay attention.

Finally, I’d like to remind users renting the Bixi bikes that if your going to go nude on the public Bixi bicycles to please have some more respect by either bringing a small hand towel and sitting on it rather than bare butt OR disinfect the seat when you’re done with the Bixi service. (Hygienic purposes)

We hope to see you all there this year and most importantly have FUN!! Daniel and I (Scott) Will be there around 1pm. Wait for me or Daniel to give the OK to disrobe because since yes, we have confirmation to do the ride, we have not yet got the window if we disrobe 30min before or 15min before. Daniel will contact police on Monday the 29th of June to verify this.

*More ass Less Gas!*

*Less Cars, More Bikes!*

*Burn Fat, NOT Oil!*

~Scott RedCloud

World Naturist Day | The Naturist Page

WND2015World Naturist Day was first celebrated on June 4th 2006. Though, depending where you’re from, the date will be different depending on your geological location. For instance, if you’re from the southern hemisphere, the celebration of WND would probably be sometime in December — as where the northern hemisphere tends to have these celebrations sometime in June. According to the INF, the UK will be having their celebration on June 28th. Western Cape Naturists Association had theirs on December 14th 2014.

Why is it celebrated you might ask yourself and for that, the reason may be quite obvious. World Naturist Day is celebrated in the practice of social nudity to advocate uplift self-respect for ones self and the respect of others and to the environment. Naturists believe in a clothes free lifestyle environment among like minded people around them.

No Pants Subway Ride Montréal 2015 | Scott RedCloud


Stuntman Sam

Montrealers’ exchange pants for laughter and giggles as the 2015 world annual event, “No Pants Subway Ride” They gathered at Mont-Royal Metro station with the permission from STM Officals for 2:30pm yesterday. Hosted by Jean-François Laurendeau & Guillaume Lespérance. The organizers explained the route and the idea of the path that will be used and other details. Also spotted joining in on the event was Stuntman Sam who happen to get on the metro when it was all going down when he decided to join in on the fun! Good Sport! The subway ride went down with success and here are some of my favorite photos taken by me.


The Organizers