Farewell Summer of 2016 | The Naturist Page

14804764_10154349734194724_1920858487_nWell, another summer is over and we can’t complain too much. It was warm up to today. As fall temperatures will settle in tomorrow, to stay. We find ourselves itching to seek out to the FQN/FCN events for winter. This way we may enjoy naturism outside my home. Check out your local Federation/Club/Campgrounds for winter events. You’d be surprised what they may have to offer with indoor events and activities. Us living in Montreal, we have indoor events such as swimming, aqua-fit, tennis, badminton, jogging, sauna, jacuzzi, Christmas dinner, the sugar shack, and other various activities within the community. So, turn them frowns upside down and think positive this winter! Make the best of it, you also could make more naturist friends in this manner =)

FFNR’s New Community Page | The Naturist Page

Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch has a growing new community page like Facebook, but without the censorship. With a little over 3 years in the business, This community page and their Ranch retreat is growing fast and always upgrading and improving their campgrounds; as well as their website.

Currently the site with the community page is still getting the kinks out and you might find it a little slow, however it’s worth checking out. I don’t think the speed of the site will be much of a problem as they are working on many things to help make your visit on the page more enjoyable! Check them out here: Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch: Community

Poll: Many resorts and camp-grounds only allow couples. What is the requirement at your resort or camp-grounds?

FOR SALE: “The Oasis” Naturist Resort | The Naturist Page

SONY DSCThe Oasis on Prince Edward Island is for sale and Gary is looking for other Naturists to take over the resort. We hope that the resort is bought by other Naturists and not sold to a textile campground owner. We’ve seen our fare share of Naturist Resorts getting sold off to textiles because the owner could not find a suitable and dedicated Naturist owner. Let’s help them out by sharing this blog out to Naturist Federations and other club/campground owners who might be willing to help Gary and his family retire happy knowing all their hard work in to making the Naturist resort the way it is today remains in good, friendly Naturist hands.

(Serious Enquirers ONLY)

tel: 1-902-963-3874

www: http://www.theoasisresort.com