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I’ve mentioned what I’m about to say in the past, already before. It has been my favorite quote since the beginning of my pages and my blog. Not sure what I’m talking about? Allow me to refresh your memory.

“Naturism is to be close to nature and attentive to natural elements. For ourselves and for those around us the way nature and life was intended.”

That been said, Naturism isn’t only about promoting body freedom and respect of ones’ self and of others. It’s also about being in tune with nature and everything around us. That includes our climate. Just as Greta’s video below explains. It’s important that we protect our planet for generations to come; so that they can enjoy it as much as we do now today.

Too many people have the following mindset and it’s only going to make matters worse. “Ohh, It’s not going to happen in my lifetime, who cares” or “Ohh, It won’t happen for a long time, why should I care now”. That train of thought is what’s going to make this planet uninhabitable… fast. Moreover, big corps and governments are the worse for this. They don’t care about the planet as much as they should. Do you want to know why? Because as long as they have the money rolling in to their bank accounts, they don’t care of the repercussions or the effect it will make on the environment. They will continue to destroy the forests, oceans, the land and digging up oil to burn fossil fuels.

As a Naturist and having a passion to be intune with Nature. We’re not going to have a nature to be intune with at the rate the planet is deteriorating. As we continue to remove trees, grass to make huge cities, making roads, highways and large parking lots that in my own opinion… only 40% of parking lots are actually used. generates so much heat because of the sun. Essentially, generating heat like an oven and raising temperatures on our planet. The trees, grass and plant life act like a defense against the sun’s UV rays and help keep the planet cooler. In an example. If you stand in a dense forest away from everything. You’ll notice that it’s much cooler than being in a major cities’ downtown. Now, if you take the same principles and stand in the middle of Arizona, there is no grass, barely any trees & is very hot.

The shorter and less dense the grass, trees and plant life, the less protection the surface of the planet has and eventually will dry up and create a desert. A barron dead zone where very little life can survive.

I stand with Greta Thunberg with these three words. Protect, restore & fund. #NatureNow

Embracing Naturism 101 – The Naturist Page


It’s not always easy the first time getting natural in a public setting. In some cases, it’s not very easy to get natural in your very home for others. Here are some tips for those who may feel shy for their first times or need a boost of confidence when it comes to break free from the restrictions from clothing.

  • Remind yourself that being nude isn’t a sexual statement. It only becomes sexual if you make it so.
  • Your body, just like everyone else, is different. There is no perfect body! — yeah, them beauty magazines … fake! They spend HOURS creating a fake look just to look ‘good’ for the camera. all that make-up just to look like something that fell in to a make-up bag to look like a barbie/ken doll. Remember, you’re more beautifully unique just the way you are. there is no need to make yourself look fake. If you get addicted to make-up, you’ll cause yourself to feel anxiety, stress and eventually, depression.
  • If you live in an urban environment, you might want to consider a privacy fence or block. If you’re like me, I live in Montreal with millions of people — I’ve placed a block on the balcony so that I may enjoy that morning coffee or evening beer outside without worry of raising alarm to others who are not accustomed to the lifestyle.
  • Engaging in friendly conversations with neighbours about the lifestyle can also greatly increase the likelihood of them accepting your lifestyle. a bonus would that they try it themselves!
  • I don’t know where you’re from, however, as for Canada and most of the United States, most laws are as followed. It’s not illegal to be nude in a public place unless you raise alarm to others to be offended. moreover with kids around. (strangers); if you make it obvious by flaunting. I’ve organized the WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride) with police escort and there was never a problem riding with hundreds of naked people in the middle of the downtown core of Montreal.
  • Scars, stretch marks, amputations, mastectomy, etc — They are part of life and you should not feel belittled by them. I like to call them ‘war wounds’ and they can be a great conversation starter. Many people don’t know what it’s like or never gone though what you have endured and may look at you in a funny way, but not the way you might be thinking. In most cases they are simply curious in a non offensive manner. They never went though what you did and may just have their own questions what it is like or — know your story of how it came to past. If it’s one thing I learned in life (not only in Naturism, is that the human species have always been the curious type.)
  • Be confident and relaxed. Act like you normally do with clothes on. The simple fact of the matter is you should not act any different from you would if you have clothes on or not. The more natural you act can play a big role on body language.
  • Last but certainly not the least, NEVER be judgmental.

If there are any points I may have missed, drop me a message in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer them. If they are a new major point, i’ll edit the blog and add it accordingly.

World Naked Gardening Day (Top 10) | The Naturist Page

WNGD 2018

It’s time to loose yourself in the natural environment by getting that garden started after the long and dreadful winter we had, had. Weather it’s fruits or vegetables, tulips or daffodils, — But did you know their are plants that ward off unwanted bugs in your clothing optional home, resort or campgrounds?

Here’s the top 10 plants you can consider this year, to optimize your Naturist environment.

1. Petunias

These bright-colored beauties are often planted to repel squash bugs, beetles and aphids. They need a sunny spot, so try them near your vegetable garden or in a window box.

 2. Basil

There’s an oil in basil that kills mosquito eggs. Plant basil in pots near gathering areas to ward off flies and mosquitoes, and to use in pesto!

3. Marigolds

These pretty, sun-loving plants are often used by farmers to keep pests at bay. They’ll help keep mosquitoes and aphids out of your yard.

4. Lavender

The same scent that ails our insomnia and makes our linens smell amazing is absolutely disgusting to flies, moths and mosquitoes. Plant it if you have a sunny garden, or keep a few bouquets around to ward off the pests.

 5. Rosemary

In addition to repelling mosquitoes, potent rosemary will help protect your vegetable plants from infestation.

6. Mint

This pleasant-smelling plant (along with its cousin lemon balm) helps repel biting insects. It’s best to plant mint in pots, because it will spread like crazy.

7. Catnip

Also a member of the mint family, catnip repels bugs thanks to its nepetalactone—the same property that attracts cats. Go figure!

8. Chrysanthemums

Pyrethrins, a compound that’s found in chrysanthemums and used in many commercial insect repellents, keeps mosquitoes, roaches, beetles, ticks and silverfish away.

9. Alliums

Chives, leeks, onions, garlic, scallions and shallots fall into this group. They grow tall with pretty purple, white or pink flowers and help protect other veggies (and your yard) against slugs, flies and worms, although they can attract moths. Be warned that, like garlic and onions, allium plants can be extremely toxic to dogs and cats.

10. Lemongrass

Citronella is the oil found in lemongrass (thus its slightly citrus-y scent). Lemongrass needs tons of sun, so most of us will have to enjoy it as an annual in the summer.


Steve Willard of passes away peacefully last night | The Naturist Page


26195981_1821835424524412_658737643471772495_n[1]It’s a sad day in the Naturist community today. I was given word from his wife, Angie, that Steve Willard — an iconic man who dedicated himself not only for his education on Naturism via his website, but a great friend of mine and a loving husband to his wife, Angie.

Yesterday, Angie came on his personal Facebook account to mention to all his friends and family that he had fell ill last Sunday under hospice home care. It was then Angie mentioned that his time was near and he is comfortable. However was not able to communicate. At 9:30am EST, Angie posted on Steve’s Facebook that he passed away.

My heart goes out to the family & friends who knew this amazing man. May he rest in peace. My deepest condolences.


The 2018 Summer forecast | The Naturist Page


Bare River

Excited about summer? Sure you are! I was just checking the Old Farmer’s Almanac to see, just how our summer may wrapped up to be. Though personally, it’s too early to truly predict exactly how 2018’s Summer will be, we can have an idea what it can be based on the old farmer’s almanac.

It seems that for the month of April will have an average temperature of around 4.5°c with about 95mm of precipitation. May will see slightly less precipitation than April, however it’s only going to be in June and July where we’re truly going to see and feel summer.

June and July will have very little to below average precipitation & the hottest periods. In this case, hoping to see a lot of time to sunbathe and swim to work on that all over tan. As for the month of August, temperatures will be high and with a lot of precipitation mixed with thunderstorms.

September and October will be around average temperatures but low in precipitation. Though it will be warmer than normal.

The irony with textile colonies | The Naturist Page


22894162_1731359473549725_4429315740284814622_n[1]It’s quite interesting how within the textile colonies, that it’s ok to sell products by sex appeal. Violence is all over the television with beheadings, people getting their brains shot off; even games promote the same concept.

Yet, a simple display of nudity that shows a nipple, butt crack, the penis, vagina on TV or in public — people lose their minds and freak out. in some cases, being barefoot in public people lose their minds.

It’s time for people to rethink the very way you were brainwashed and re-train your track of mind for at least just one second before skipping the rest of this article.

Simple nudity in a non-sexual manner isn’t sexual. Nudity is nudity and sex is sex. They are two different things. Nudity only becomes sexual if you make it so. I am not saying that Naturists do not have sex. Of course we do. There is just a time and place for and that goes the same way in the textile world.

People are allowing their kids to watch television (or see in the real world) the violence, all the sexual advertisements, music, movies and games and do not bat an eyelash. Yet then when a non-violent or sexual naked natural human simply living life just as a textile would. Would it be gardening, mowing their lawn, dishes, house chores, sunbathing, swimming, etc. I can go on but you already see where I am going with this.

cap+melons[1]There are places in Europe that have already embraced or socially accept nudity in their countries. A prime example is France. They have the city of Cap d’Agde. The largest city that allows you to be nude anywhere. shopping, groceries, food, etc (just do not forget to bring a towel to sit down on for sanitary reasons.)

Germany and Netherlands have parks that has nude friendly sections where you can bare it all legally.

Why not make social non-nudity more mainstream and socially accepted. After all, simple nudity has never killed or harmed anyone.

Winter Naturism | The Naturist Page


Well, it’s that time of year once again! For us up in the northern hemisphere we’re already feeling the bitter snow in the west, and fall like temps to the east (Canada).

naked-legs-are-heated-by-a-fireplace_s8lmgfvux_thumbnail-full01[1]Does this mean it’s time to do like the bears and hibernate in the warmth of our home? Of course not! Sure, many of us rather the summer like temps such as us to be able to spend the whole day outdoors being natural. There are many things you can do to enjoy winter a little more by taking these ideas into consideration. Check to see if your local Naturist federation or club has indoor activities! Yes, some federations and clubs do offer winter recreation. For instance, here in Quebec/Ontario there is the Federation of Canadian Naturists, Federation of Quebec Naturists and the Ottawa Naturists. Events and activities vary, however, they offer similar things. Swimming, Spa, exercise gym, badminton, Tennis, Christmas and or New Years Dinner or parties, etc! If you give your local federation(s) or club(s) a try to enjoy it, please support them by becoming a member. This enables them to use the money for future events!

o-VALHALLA-NAKED-SKIING-SEGMENT-facebook[1]Moreover, because it is cold in winter, at home you can follow these simple ideas to help keep warmer.  Clothes free life made a simple guide video called, “Winter Clothes Free Guide”. The video is very informative and should make your winter a little more enjoyable this winter; if you feel more daring, you can try shoveling snow, making a snowman, snow angels, snowball fights, skiing/snowboarding, snow diving, ice skating, etc. The possibilities are endless! That’s if you are up for the challenge! — If all else fails, you can travel somewhere where the air does not hurt your cheeks!