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Ed Clarke

Photo: Ed Clarke

Ed Clarke, the founder/admin for Naturist Community social media website started his website back in September of 2010 in the United Kingdom. His idea on creating the website for genuine Naturists derived when he was on a trip in Lanzarote where he meet a few Naturists in Famara he made a few friends with and asked them if they could add him to Facebook. It’s always a good idea to keep in touch with new friends via social media, it was another thing for Naturists we all know too well about Facebook’s policy on showing skin online. His new friends told him that they do not use Facebook for that reason; they were tired of having their photos from being removed.

He set out to create a website with the environment for genuine Naturists, and genuine Naturists only where friends could stay in contact with each other and not having to worry about being penalized for the display of the human body. Though, naturally, the site will not allow or tolerate porn/sexual based images, close ups of genitals, etc.

Ed was aware that their were already a few sites out there designed for Naturists — however, they seemed to just let EVERYONE join. That these sites tend to find that it’s all about the number of members, rather than genuine Naturists. I think this is a great way to better control a good site and keeping it clean. Ed told me he gets a lot of member requests every day, but only a handful would make the cut to be allowed on the site. New sign-ups are required to be approved by an admin before they can access the website.

Ed’s main objective was to create a safe environment for Naturist Community users, which is why the site will not index member profiles, images etc. The only thing the site will allow search engines index are events, the fourms and pages created within the Naturist Community website.

My personal experience on the site is nothing but a feel good place to be; Ed and the admins are very nice and social. The users that I did come across were very humble and easy to get along with. My wife Amber created an account as well and even likes the site and the people on it.

I would recommend the Naturist Community website to my friends and family. Check them out, you wont be disappointed. Also, if you want to drop me a hello, my username on the site is RedNative(TNP). You can also find me in the chatroom!


[App]: Nudist Compass 2 | The Naturist Page

promo0[1]Nudist Compass has announced today they are working on updating the android application which allows the users to locate the nearest beaches, resorts as well as other Naturist/Nudist venues all over the world closest to you. Since it’s launch in 2013 the app has been downloaded tens of thousands of times.

With the ability to add your own spots and being able to rate and check in to places, I give this app something worth checking out.

However in order for them to make Nudist Compass 2 possible, they are asking for help by donating what you wish to help make it possible.

Here’s what to expect in Nudist Compass 2:

Nudist Compass 2 is on the way

  • It will be multi-platform. No longer only for Android, there are iOS and Windows versions being programmed too.
  • It will be multi-lingual. No longer only in English, we want to have it in German (as it is most popular amongst German users), Spanish, Italian and other languages too.
  • It will be more accurate. Our users are very active in informing about nudist locations and creating new places. Most of them are truly important sources of information; however there are occasions when someone creates a place just for fun or by mistake and its relation to nudism is more than questionable :). Comments and ratings are the first form of dealing with misleading data but sometimes this is not sufficient and other mechanisms like “Report” button and/or manual check will be more effective. Nudist Compass 2 will have improved verification system.
  • It will have completely rewritten messaging system (chat). More reliable, faster and based on push notifications.
  • It will have better users :). Absolute majority of our users are heartsome and nice. They comment and rate places, chat with others, create and update information about nudist locations with ingenious and clean objective, just to help others, just to share the information and better the general knowledge. They want to be useful to everyone, ask nothing in return and we are so thankful to them. However, as in any community, there are rare cases, where some individuals do not follow this path and their intentions are less generous. Nudist Compass cannot tolerate any inappropriate behavior and version 2 will have more effective mechanisms for excluding it.

FFNR’s New Community Page | The Naturist Page

Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch has a growing new community page like Facebook, but without the censorship. With a little over 3 years in the business, This community page and their Ranch retreat is growing fast and always upgrading and improving their campgrounds; as well as their website.

Currently the site with the community page is still getting the kinks out and you might find it a little slow, however it’s worth checking out. I don’t think the speed of the site will be much of a problem as they are working on many things to help make your visit on the page more enjoyable! Check them out here: Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch: Community

Facebook VS Twitter in Naturism | The Naturist Page

These two social sites are great in their own way. However in my experience of the years they have their differences. For one, the pros and cons with these two social media sites.

  1. Facebook has censorship and Twitter does not.
  2. I get more interactions with Facebook as where I don’t with Twitter.
  3. I get a lot more followers on Facebook than Twitter.
  4. Keeping track of all the comments on Facebook is easier than Twitter.
  5. You can block followers on Twitter and you can not with a Facebook Page.
  6. Hash tags are easier to search with Twitter than Facebook.

I like both of them very much for different reasons. Even though Facebook’s censorship really stinks, I still prefer Facebook. That’s my humble opinion. Which social media site do you prefer?

A Letter for Facebook | The Naturist Page

Dear Facebook,

I’m writing to you out of  concern about your censorship rule. It is to my understanding that pages do have the option to set the minimum age limit and you should realize the difference in photos. Use the censorship rule for people who have porn, or with intention for sexualizing the human body.

I’d like to explain to you about fine art, Naturism and Nudism… straight up nudity that is not promoting to sexualize the human body in it’s natural form. Why should Naturism and nudism or fine art in simple non-sexual way be targets of the censorship rule? We’d like if you could take this in to consideration and ask if you could give us our right to not be treated as being sexual.


The Naturist Page

No Pants Subway Ride Montréal 2015 | Scott RedCloud


Stuntman Sam

Montrealers’ exchange pants for laughter and giggles as the 2015 world annual event, “No Pants Subway Ride” They gathered at Mont-Royal Metro station with the permission from STM Officals for 2:30pm yesterday. Hosted by Jean-François Laurendeau & Guillaume Lespérance. The organizers explained the route and the idea of the path that will be used and other details. Also spotted joining in on the event was Stuntman Sam who happen to get on the metro when it was all going down when he decided to join in on the fun! Good Sport! The subway ride went down with success and here are some of my favorite photos taken by me.


The Organizers