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I’ve mentioned what I’m about to say in the past, already before. It has been my favorite quote since the beginning of my pages and my blog. Not sure what I’m talking about? Allow me to refresh your memory.

“Naturism is to be close to nature and attentive to natural elements. For ourselves and for those around us the way nature and life was intended.”

That been said, Naturism isn’t only about promoting body freedom and respect of ones’ self and of others. It’s also about being in tune with nature and everything around us. That includes our climate. Just as Greta’s video below explains. It’s important that we protect our planet for generations to come; so that they can enjoy it as much as we do now today.

Too many people have the following mindset and it’s only going to make matters worse. “Ohh, It’s not going to happen in my lifetime, who cares” or “Ohh, It won’t happen for a long time, why should I care now”. That train of thought is what’s going to make this planet uninhabitable… fast. Moreover, big corps and governments are the worse for this. They don’t care about the planet as much as they should. Do you want to know why? Because as long as they have the money rolling in to their bank accounts, they don’t care of the repercussions or the effect it will make on the environment. They will continue to destroy the forests, oceans, the land and digging up oil to burn fossil fuels.

As a Naturist and having a passion to be intune with Nature. We’re not going to have a nature to be intune with at the rate the planet is deteriorating. As we continue to remove trees, grass to make huge cities, making roads, highways and large parking lots that in my own opinion… only 40% of parking lots are actually used. generates so much heat because of the sun. Essentially, generating heat like an oven and raising temperatures on our planet. The trees, grass and plant life act like a defense against the sun’s UV rays and help keep the planet cooler. In an example. If you stand in a dense forest away from everything. You’ll notice that it’s much cooler than being in a major cities’ downtown. Now, if you take the same principles and stand in the middle of Arizona, there is no grass, barely any trees & is very hot.

The shorter and less dense the grass, trees and plant life, the less protection the surface of the planet has and eventually will dry up and create a desert. A barron dead zone where very little life can survive.

I stand with Greta Thunberg with these three words. Protect, restore & fund. #NatureNow

World Naked Gardening Day (Top 10) | The Naturist Page

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WNGD 2018

It’s time to loose yourself in the natural environment by getting that garden started after the long and dreadful winter we had, had. Weather it’s fruits or vegetables, tulips or daffodils, — But did you know their are plants that ward off unwanted bugs in your clothing optional home, resort or campgrounds?

Here’s the top 10 plants you can consider this year, to optimize your Naturist environment.

1. Petunias

These bright-colored beauties are often planted to repel squash bugs, beetles and aphids. They need a sunny spot, so try them near your vegetable garden or in a window box.

 2. Basil

There’s an oil in basil that kills mosquito eggs. Plant basil in pots near gathering areas to ward off flies and mosquitoes, and to use in pesto!

3. Marigolds

These pretty, sun-loving plants are often used by farmers to keep pests at bay. They’ll help keep mosquitoes and aphids…

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What’s wrong with being human? | The Naturist Page

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What is wrong with society that it is required for one to be covered up or women can not be topless like men in public? Textiles have been taught that you must be ashamed of your body and must cover up when others are around. WHY?! What is so bad about the human body.

We, like all life on earth were born in our natural state. Was it the church? Was it government? It’s sometimes hard to determine what exactly; sometimes its the parents who were grown up in these terms that they can be so paranoid about being seen in public nude for a variety of reasons. A side from the obvious of what I said, body acceptance, view of not only their body but how clouded they view others from media, magazines TV commercials etc. The try to make you feel ugly so yo can buy their product…

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The 2018 Summer forecast | The Naturist Page


Bare River

Excited about summer? Sure you are! I was just checking the Old Farmer’s Almanac to see, just how our summer may wrapped up to be. Though personally, it’s too early to truly predict exactly how 2018’s Summer will be, we can have an idea what it can be based on the old farmer’s almanac.

It seems that for the month of April will have an average temperature of around 4.5°c with about 95mm of precipitation. May will see slightly less precipitation than April, however it’s only going to be in June and July where we’re truly going to see and feel summer.

June and July will have very little to below average precipitation & the hottest periods. In this case, hoping to see a lot of time to sunbathe and swim to work on that all over tan. As for the month of August, temperatures will be high and with a lot of precipitation mixed with thunderstorms.

September and October will be around average temperatures but low in precipitation. Though it will be warmer than normal.

When looking for new Naturist friends | Scott RedCloud

It’s not all that easy when it comes to finding like-minded peers in Montreal to be able to consider as friends when it comes to the Naturist lifestyle. The reason for this maybe more me, however, this same fear or anxiety that I have might be shared with others having this same concern.

keyboard-120307[1]I have been in the chatrooms, meetup groups, searching Facebook groups to find people who I can relate with — with no real success. Don’t get me wrong, I have found many friends online who I can relate with. the only problem is, they live very far away. I have trusted Naturist friends in the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc. Just none close enough to the Montreal region. I use to have two good Naturist friends. (Alex and Jean) I now just have Jean, since Alex has retired and has been traveling across the USA and Canada now with his new partner Betty.

The problem I have with associating myself with other people is they claim to be a Naturist… upon further evaluation of the individual, I usually find out they are not in to the lifestyle for the right reasons. Usually they are more on the sexual side of the lifestyle instead of being serious in to the lifestyle. Being a male, even I’m getting targeted by these kind of people. I can only imagine what it would be like to be a female. It’s no wonder there are more men in Naturism rather than their being a balance when it comes naturism.

naturism1[1]There is always that fear of people who do not share the simplicity of the fact that Naturism does not equal sexual acts or gestures. These individuals need to learn that Naturism is the same lifestyle as the clothed life, only that we as Naturists simply rather live clothed free with no intentions of being like the media, news or the uneducated public like to portray what nudity is.

facebook-friends-ftr[1]This is why I have issues with making Naturist friends. I might be very critical when it comes to making family friends, I might be too strict, but I’m doing it for the right reasons to protect not only myself, but my family as well.

When looking for new Naturist friends, the main keys to look for are body language (big pointer there), conversation (are they serious? are they being suggestive?), keeping on topic (do they take interest in the conversation or do they keep changing topics), Are they able to have a conversation and keep to the topic when it has nothing to do with nudity? Last but certainly not least — EYE CONTACT! These are just a handful of things to analyze when attempting to make a new friend of the family.