” Omg, I saw you naked on Google! “

Bare Thoughts

Naturism, photography and Internet, great mix or asking for trouble? I love taking pictures of things I see or do, my love for selfies is even bigger. I loved looking at photos when I was a little kid. Didn’t matter what was in it. Could be a car, a person, a historical event, you name it. The fact that you can make an eternal visual memory from something, fascinates me. And the fact that it’s eternal, should make you think about what you photograph, how you do it and now, in this internet society,where you place it.

When I started my naturist Twitter account I decided to place nude photos of me aswell. It wasn’t like I specially got undressed for the perfect nude selfie, I already was undressed. I love to show people what I’m doing in my life so I take pictures. I take pictures when I’m…

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My first encounter with naturism. 

Bare Thoughts

Do you still remember your first encounter with naturism? When I don’t count the skinny dipping in my childhood, my first encounter with naturism was at the age of 18. As mentioned in my first blog, it took some time, struggles and interest to make that first step…

It was on a warm day in June that we were driving towards Flevonatuur in the Netherlands. I didn’t know what to expect, the only thing I knew was that it was a naturist resort and that my friends had a trailer standing there all year. It’s a beautiful ride towards the park because it’s in the middle of a lovely forest so if you like to walk or ride a bike in nature, that’s a very good place ( even though you have to wear clothes in the forest lol ). There is a small nude beach though, outside the forest…

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