[Video]:DIY Privacy Balcony Block | The Naturist Page

When I first moved in to my current apartment, I could not help notice how very private it can be to be able to enjoy my Naturist lifestyle. Living on the fourth floor, every building in front of me was only one floor. The only issue I had was the neighbours to my right and buying one of them fabric balcony blocks from Canadian Tire or Walmart. Two years ago was when I first moved in here and I decided to share how I made the balcony Naturist friendly so people are not offended.

This is the video I originally went LIVE via Periscope that I have edited so the video was not 15min long like the broadcast was, speeded-up. Items you will need: Plywood, screws, large washers, plastic twine with bendable metal, large plastic board, tie-wrap(s) and a drill.

DIY Privacy Balcony Block | The Naturist Page from The Naturist Page on Vimeo.

St-Lawrence River Protest | The Naturist Page

They came to brave the cold and windy day for a great cause, Sunday Oct 11th 2015. The City of Montreal planning to dump 8 million liters of raw sewage in to the St-Lawrence River. Social media blew up in an outrage from across Canada and even caught the attention south of the border in NY pointing fingers at Denis Coderre for not finding a better solution to rid of the waste water in a better way, rather than endangering not only plant and fish life, but for our own safety. Thousands of people use the river everyday to fish, swim, paddle board, kayak, canoe and other means of the river every day.

As a Naturist, I am just as outraged by this and supported the protest, so I decided to join them by cheering them on and recording their journey from 32nd ave to the Lachine lock on my bike using my cellphone to record the friendly protest. After all, this is the same river Naturists swim in. Oka’s Naturist Beach and Bare River Beach are along this river.

At one point, Jonathan Busby (Co-Organizer) found what was the most iconic thing during the protest that really could make people think twice on what they are flushing down the toilet and what Denis Coderre needs to think about before his choice of dumping the sewage in to the river — a dead sunfish. As he was strapping it to his peddle board, it became very iconic for the reason they are protesting and made it even more the reason to do the event.

I wish I had known about the event weeks before so I could make it more public so I could have spread the word with them to have more supporters. One paddle boarder told me the Facebook event had around 100 or more people to attend the event — however, because of the cold and windy day, only around 50 showed up and they braved the elements to make a statement I will never forget.

Below is my video coverage of the friendly protest.