The unaddressed duality of slut shaming

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Facebook’s censorship of Aboriginal bodies raises troubling ideas of ‘decency

Facebook happily hosts Kim Kardashian’s cleavage, but suspended users posting images of topless Aboriginal women for ‘violating community standards’. Leigh Alexander wonders, just whose standards are we talking about

But major technology platforms are led by western capitalist ideals, and one major consequence of this is that not all stories are treated equally. On Facebook, stories and images of famous women’s nudity are celebrated – while the cultural histories of other women around the world are erased as “inappropriate”.

According to the social network’s content policy, a photograph of a sun-browned Kim Kardashian stretched glamorously across a desert landscape, streaked in white body paint that covers her nipples, is an appropriate header image for Esquire’s piece on the body-shaming furore that often chases the star. But a photograph of topless Aboriginal women wearing ceremonial paint as part of a protest…

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Question on First Amendment VS Facebook Policy | The Naturist Page


I don’t know much about CA, USA laws, however isn’t Facebook breaking the First Amendment on simple non-sexual nudity? It’s not obscenity. Im confused. I’m bringing this topic up because I read an article such as this one from the First Amendment Center where they talk about how the First Amendment does not protect pornography & obscenity — yet Naturism isn’t ponography or obscenity. Facebook users are getting their non-sexual/obscene photos, accounts, pages and groups either blocked or removed and more and more people are turning to Twitter where they strongly believe in the freedom of speech.

In one paragraph of the article states, “Even more fundamentally, nudity does not equal obscenity. The Supreme Court recognized this in Jenkins v. Georgia, when it ruled that the film “Carnal Knowledge” was not obscene. Justice William Rehnquist wrote in that 1974 case that “nudity alone is not enough to make material legally obscene under the Miller standards.”” So, does mean Facebook is breaking The First Amendment? I honestly do not know since I never lived in the United States or California for that matter.

Do you think that it would be possible to use this against Facebook to change their policy and allow non-sexual/obscene nudity and ban those who are obscene or with sexual intent to offend others just as the First Amendment stays? It’s a question i’m sure a lot of of left us scratching our heads.

Clothes free life AMA – ask me anything

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All next week from March 21-26 we will be hosting clothes free life Ask Me Anything. You can ask EarlD founder/editorial chief of and myclothesfree will answer any questions you have about the sites, clothes free living or his personal experience with the clothes free life. Simply post a comment with your questions and a reply response with the answer will be given. So if there is ANYTHING you have ever wondered about but didn’t think to ask ANYTHING heard but wondered if it was three now the time to get the answer straight fro the source.

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Today is World Water Day | The Naturist Page

cei2mpvueaavsp3Today, we celebrate World Water Day, where we may love our coffees and hot drinks, lets take a moment and remember that not all of us have this luxury to use water as freely as others. Where water might seem abundant where you’re from yet very scarce for others. Water is life, save water and let’s help protect this vital resource. 750 million people around the world lack access to safe water; approximately one in nine people. “Water is the driving force of all Nature” ~Leonardo Da Vinci

What can you do when growing up in a household of non-nudists | The Naturist Page

The Naturist Page


While some people have it better than others, being raised in a Naturist/Nudist family. Not everyone has the luxury of a clothing optional house growing up with their parents, roommates and sometimes even their spouse. This topic has been around since nudism has begun. However it was a lot more open in the 60’s with the peace & love movement of the hippies and woodstock. I can give you my humble opinion what options you have to make your life style a little more easier.

Some people are what are called closet nudists. No, i’m not talk about people who lock themselves in their closet, but the type who in the comforts of their bedroom is the only place they feel they can be nude. This is perfectly fine, so don’t think or feel it’s degrading at anytime. In fact it’s a great way to discover your body-acceptance in a comfortable level…

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To Cover or Not to Cover at The Door | The Naturist Page

The Naturist Page

There are many questions about what to do when it comes to getting that knock on the door and to ask yourself — to cover up or just swing the door wide open with nothing but a but smile on. Well, you are free to do it the way you like. However, if you’d like to be a respectful Naturist/Nudist then I would like to take the time and explain in my own opinion the options about this topic.

First you need to weigh out your situation. By that I mean if you live in a neighbourhood where nudism is completely normal. Then why not. But remember, Just don’t go swinging open the door before checking the peek hole or similar. The last thing you want is to open the door to the girl scouts and have them drop their cookies they are selling screaming as they run away disturbed…

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