OKApulco – Oka’s Naturist Beach

Located in Oka, Quebec is Oka’s Naturist beach. To get access to the beach, there is a parking fee when you come via car/truck/motorcycle. However if you can get there by bicycle you wont need to pay for a parking fee. You’ll just have to pay the entrance fee. To find the beach, drive down and park around the textile beach. and then walk along the path (eastward) and you’ll find the Naturist beach.

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Oka National Park

2020 Chemin d’Oka
Oka, QC J0N 1E0
45.4681° N, 74.0306° W
Oka Map

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7 thoughts on “OKApulco – Oka’s Naturist Beach

  1. Hi, I was looking for another place to go other than Oka, either in Montreal, or maybe the eastern townships, I know there is a list on the website, but maybe someone knows a smaller more secluded location

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    • Check out the FQN in the Federations Tab on my website. There are a ton listed there. You also might wanna check the FCN as well.. though the FCN are more for Ontario. I believe you’ll find everything you need to know about swimming locations, clubs, resorts and campgrounds.


  2. Have you been to Oka beach? what is it like? Are there alot of people? Are there people between 18 and 35 Or just old people? Is it diverse?


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