“Why is nudism portrayed as being so white?” | The Naturist Page

A friend of mine on Facebook had come across a question via NUSA’s Facebook post asking “Why is nudism portrayed as being so white?” I told myself that, that’s a good question. I could not answer the question myself so I did some research, asked friends and on my group on Facebook.

The following may or not be the true reasons, however it’s what I’ve gathered to be close to the real reason why it is so, today. The main reason why it seems that there is so many ‘white’ nudists and Naturists is what I now find very obvious is it’s called majority. Since nudism began in Europe and then the America’s there are far more white people who live the lifestyle. If you’re black, latin, native american, from india or any other place that is a minority — there are not enough of that type to go around.

Some of these type of people also may rather be nude around their home and near home rather than participate in nude recreation. Some may also feel awkward going to a resort or campground being the only one from their ethnic race.

I believe this maybe why YNA, YBN & YNC were founded in the beginning for the reason that young people feel awkward going to a club, resort or campgrounds being the only young person among many old or older people.

Religion also has an impact on Naturism and nudism in certain countries. Some countries like in Asia and Middle East have strict laws when it comes to nudity.  If they  go to a country that allows social nudity, they tend to keep it in their head that they have to follow their laws from their country of origin, even if they are in a country that allows social nudity.

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    I feel the same–I feel these minorities should get more credit in the world of nudism, because they are out there, I know quite a few African-American nudists and even some Asian nudists, you just don’t widely hear about them because whites are the majority of people who are more willing to try nudism/naturism.

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  2. Organized nudism suffers from institutional racism. There are no efforts being implemented (as far as I know) to right this inequality, as far as I know. There is also widespread institutional homophobia – gay naturists have their own organizations and gatherings.

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      • Perhaps you need to find better places to hang out nude. Racists and homophobes are all around us, as are those of differing religious and political beliefs and even those addicted to internet nude photos. We’re human, but we keep our personal interests to ourselves when among other nudists/naturists. We leave our personal interests/predjudices at the gate and become a family of like-minded folks.

        That’s why social nudism works.

        But overt behavior as such is not tolerated at any nudist/naturist venue we’ve ever been to OR heard about. It certainly isn’t endorsed by any national or international organization. Would you like to cite valid sources/examples? Not one or two, but “many racists and homophobes” that actively exhibited such behavior in a nudist/naturist environment?

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    • I’m talking about AANR affiliated clubs. Once we had a same-sex couple wanting to accompany us on a day trip, and when we called ahead we were told in no uncertain terms (by the club representatives) that they women would not be welcome by the other club members. At another club, a member scared off an African-American male, telling him that he “didn’t want n****** looking at his wife”. A club owner is notorious for looking women up and down during conversations. At another club, I’ve seen children present at very adult drinking and dancing parties where naked drunk people are literally falling on the floor. I kept waiting for child services to come busting through the gate.

      Steve, you know full well the story of recent incidents at Lupin Lodge and the lies perpetuated by the national organizations. Lupin’s owners are not only in deep trouble over stealing water, they are also now being sued for serious employment violations. Nudist history is filled with sordid people and behavior – I used to think that Nikki Craft was full of crap with her Nudist Hall of Shame, but now I think she is right about a lot of it: http://nudisthallofshame.info/

      I’m not saying that consensual sexual activity between consenting adults is a bad thing at all, I’m merely saying that the organizations are selling a vision of American nudism which is divorced from reality. I also believe that there is a time and place for family nudism, but there is absolutely no longer a one-size fits all nudist idea. Bill Schroer appeared to be the man to bring nude recreation into the 21st Century, but AANR fired him.

      All-Nudist promotes a “wholesome” brand of nudism which simply does not exist except in books and magazines. After nearly 10 years involved in organized nudism, I have met racists, homophobes, fetishists, swingers and other people who are simply not shining examples of the nudist philosophy. I’ve also met some wonderful people along the way, too, so it’s not all bad. But to simply declare that such behavior is not “endorsed by any national or international organization” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.


      • I neglected to mention the club photographer at Sunsport Gardents who is now serving time for producing child pornography, and one of the parents of his subjects is also in jail. You wonder why organized nudism is bleeding members? Look to the reality, not the Utopian vision.


  3. I don’t think its got anything to do with racism more religion probably. We belong to BN and anyone is permitted to join. In all the events all the correspondence all the magazines I’ve never seem many races or creeds other than Caucasian. You can’t force anyone to get naked its plainly just up to the individual’s.

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  4. Thank you for the re-blog of my poem. There is a new one I posted last night. It is called (The) Great Coverup and deals more directly with naturism. Please come back to read and repost. I am grateful for the attention to this important issue.

    Brent Kincaid

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  5. It’s true that the laws in our countries tend to criminalise public nudity. Then there’s also culture. In my ethnic group, we are very much guided and influenced by Confucian teachings. Nudity is considered shameful. We have to be rebels to be naturists. But there are quite a number of us. Language is another barrier. The Taiwan Naturist Association posts quite a lot of videos and articles but they’re all in Chinese.

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