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Movember is a time of the year where it raises mens health awareness for prostate cancer and other health issues. I’m not one to grow a moustache because I hate facial & pubic hair … but for a one time deal I decided to take part in the no shave November month just for kicks and giggles. It’s hard enough for me as a Native American to grow facial hair and it does take a longer time than usual for me. Though for a good cause I decide to take the plunge and try it for one time in my life.

Knowing it’s usually a time and cause to raise money for the cause .. I can’t afford to do it for it’s main cause I choose to do it on my own behalf to encourage others to donate because its for a good cause. If you Google ‘Movember’ you’ll get a detailed description of why annually its promoted.

That been said, i’ll be taking a photo once a day for the whole month to record my progress. I hate beards so naturally I’ll only be recording my moustache progress along the way. On November 1st I shaved and we’ll see the progress from Nov 1st to Dec 1st..


One thought on “Movember | The Naturist Page

  1. Hang in there. I have up shaving a few months ago. Going for the mountain man look, or homeless person, hippie, whatever. I’m embracing my Nordic heritage growing facial hair and not cutting my hair.

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