AANR_Int gives Intersex individual the cold shoulder | The Naturist Page

It all started out as a simple call out to AANR_Int’s Twitter feed when an Intersex individual was simply requesting information on rates with a minor argument on fees due to sexual orientation and it blew up out of proportion for no reason. The following is the original post as seen in a group and retweeted tagging AANR_Int. Their response was not only off topic but by their response, not even cared about and giving Mikia the cold shoulder with their off topic reply.




The reason i’m not only angered by this reply is because they did not even take into consideration of this Intersex individual what so ever. After this response i’m requesting AANR for a re-review of this topic. Personally I believe a better in depth reply is in order upon this ordeal.


3 thoughts on “AANR_Int gives Intersex individual the cold shoulder | The Naturist Page

  1. WTF AANR??? Do you have a robot answering queries or do you just not give a F**K about people when they come to you with SERIOUS and heartfelt emotional problems involving clubs YOU endorse? I too am a “transgender person,” only no one knows it because I went through my complete operation at the age of 18 after taking all the proper hormonal treatments from an early age onward. I had the option of growing up female while Storm did not. The first time I went to a AANR affiliated nudist club they saw only 100% pure female genetics – or so it seemed. There was nothing to tell them I had been born otherwise and that’s the way I want it to be. Until now no one has known the difference and I haven’t wanted anyone to know I was not born of 100% female DNA – I want everyone to see me as I am, not what I always knew I was supposed to be. Mikia Storm didn’t have that option. I know. She’s a personal friend of mine. she’s my beautiful, wonderful sister and you treated her like a castoff nothing by that dismal of a reply. I suggest you stop and rethink, regroup, then apologize to Mikia and give her a better response that properly covers her query, and I hope for your sake that answer both comes quickly and shows that you care about “transgendered persons,” because right now you have pissed us off! And I really don’t think you want to do that. I was in the shadows, enjoying my life as a “normal girl,” but look what your response did by angering me? Think about the reaction it’s having on those of us who are not in the shadows and are having similar difficulties as is my sister Mikia. I hope to hell we hear something encouraging from you soon, AANR. Thank you.

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  2. As an Intersex person myself, This is why I don’t associate with Nudist groups mainly because how they discriminate against Intersex people like myself and that person who asked on twitter is most likely a trans who’s faking Intersex


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